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  1.  Classroom learning through an interactive mode.
  2. Involving group discussions, presentation, Project work for making learning effective.
  3. Emphasizing whole hearted participation of students.
  4. Continuous evaluation is the part and parcel of the teaching learning process.
  5. A well equipped library, a vast reservoir of knowledge - enriching books including encyclopedia sets, journals, magazines etc.
  6. A wonderfully designed well equipped laboratories of physics, Chemistry, Biology, mathematics and Computer, meeting the demands of present age and making learning easy and interesting.
  7. A Multi- Media Room providing modern techniques of teaching through audio visual aids.
  8. Maintenance of individual file of each child for a systematic record of academic and co-curricular progress.
  9. Books & Stationeries are gifted to the meritorious students of all classes in each academic session.


This school will not achieve the objectives of imparting quality education unless the parents extend their unreserved co-operations for the making of the child.

  1.   Help the child to bring the required book as per the routine Books should be properly covered.
  2. Check your child's school diary for acknowledgement and information.
  3. Encourage the child to talk in English at school as well as at home. This will improve child's confidence.
  4. In case a child is absent for a genuine reason please inform the principal through class teacher in advance.
  5. Teach the child good manners.
  6. If you have serious problems with your child at home share with us, perhaps we can help you.
  7. Parent teacher meet is necessary to discuss your child's performance. Avoid meeting with sudden presence.
  8. Parents must not go to the class room to see the child for handing over anything to him / her.
  9. Parents are not allowed to give money, ornaments or precious thing to their child.
  10. 1. In an emergency the child will be allowed to go home when parents will give written explanation to authorised one.
  11. Parents must encourage and ensure that their child attends and participates in every function of the school.