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 Vincent was founded on 31st Oct 2009 with a vision to provide quality education through interactive mode, shaping a child in an innovative and affable learning environment in challenging field of education. The School is named as "VINCENT" with the commitment to enhance the benefit of teaching up to maximum level of satisfaction of student so that scientific phenomenon of "VINCENT" becomes a reality. It is an Institution equipped with ultra modern teaching and other facilities to bring about balanced development of the future citizen of India with a team of experts and dedicated teachers and cautious management, campus is in or about 4 acres of lush green land , situated at Binjhar in a calm pleasant and Pollution free environment.

The School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi. Since its beginning" VINCENT" embraces the idea of inclusiveness along with its academic excellence. The value system is driven by innovation and quality services are rendered to the students and parents.

It is our belief, " Learning that is redundant is no longer knowledge" and that is why " VINCENT" will continuously update the courses and it will also take initiative in starting new courses. Which will help its students in all possible ways in their golden future.


  • In still ethical and moral values.
  • Character building on sound moral principals with a sense of responsibility and true development of mind and character.
  • We take steps to make our children strong, emotionally balanced, intellectually sharp and morally sound, therefore leading to all round development.
  • Promote value based education to help them faced the challenged the life with ease.
  • Develop self motivation, self confidence, discipline and sensitivity.
  • Develop leadership qualities.
  • Provide a thrust for the students to participate in co-curricular activities and social activities.
  • Provide academic excellence and outstanding teaching resources.
  • Implant respect and understanding for natural environment.
  • Build a wholesome personality and strong character.
  • Encourage sense of nationality, national development, in the true sprit of freedom, equality, justice and peace.
  • Explore the innate hidden talents of children and enable them to think independently.
  • Developed true democratic sprit based on liberty of thought, expression, belief and dignity of labour.
  • To generate a scientific temper.


I believe my role as an educator is to guide and nurture the next generation to establish skills to achieve health, respect, prosperity and fulfilment.

Our Motto

Ensuring all students receive a rigorous, balanced education that will enable them to compete in and contribute to a global society.